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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Greetings! This blog will report the goings-on of North Carolina's Mining and Energy Commission (MEC), who has been charged by the Legislature to develop rules regulating hydraulic fracturing. Having attended  meetings for many months, it occurred to me that people might like to get a more intimate look at this entertaining and endearing group. I can't possibly catch you up on all the priceless comments which have already been uttered; but stay tuned!

 The MEC and its adjunct committees meet regularly.

Allow me to present the cast of characters:

  • James Womack, Chairman of the Mining and Energy Commission
  • George Howard, Vice-Chairman of the Mining and Energy Commission
  • Dr. Robert Mensah-BineyChair, N.C. State University Minerals Research Laboratory Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Kenneth TaylorState Geologist and Chief, N.C. Geological Survey
  • Dr. Ray Covington, Guilford County
  • Charles TaylorLee County
  • Charles HolbrookGeologist 
  • Ivan “Tex” Gilmore, Representative of the mining industry
  • Dr. Vikram RaoEngineer with experience in oil and gas exploration and development
  • Charlotte Mitchell, Esq.
  • Amy PickleMember of the Environmental Management Commission 
  • Dr. Marva PriceChatham County

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