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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

They're Baaack Oil and Gas Commission Holds First Meeting

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It has been a very long time since the fracking family has gotten together, but after several false starts and although not all members have been confirmed by the General Assembly, they finally held their first meeting on March 14, 2018. You can listen here: Audio March 14, 2018 Oil and Gas Commission Meeting

Commission members took their oaths and a new Chairman was elected with lightening speed. Wait for will be so surprised... former Mining and Energy Commission member/chair Jim Womack was unanimously elected! You remember Jim? Sure you do. 

These are all of the members that are currently serving on the Commission:

Ronda Jones
Stanford Baird
Victor Gaglio
Michael Stone
Chris Reinhardt
James Womack
John Lucey

A future blog post will give you some biographical information. We wonder, dear readers, if the antics of this new Commission will be as entertaining as the former Mining and Energy Commission. From 2015: Happy New Year!

The next meeting has been tentatively schedule for May 8, 2018. Stay tuned! 

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